TL:DR five out of ten.


UNCOMFORTABLE. AirPods hurt my ears from the first time I used them. Over time I’ve become ‘used’ to them but they still are not comfortable or easy to wear. I can’t use them for extended periods of time. They fall out when lying down or moving quickly. THIS IS MAJOR ISSUE. If you can’t keep them in your ears then they aren’t worth having.

EASY TO LOSE Compared to other earbuds I own (and continue to use), Apple AirPods get caught up in clothing, hats, scarves and are easily lost. Given the very high price, that’s a serious problem worrying about them all the time.

EXPENSIVE AirPods are roughly 500% more expensive than equivalent products. I don’t get 500% more value.

All of these negatives are serious reasons not to buy them.


Voice Quality I did a recording of my voice using AirPods and its very average. In my opinion they aren’t good enough for business phone calls but would be ok for social or family calls.

Good The functionality is outstanding. connect quickly and reliably to devices easy to switch between devices including Apple TV Battery life not quite as good as other earbuds which last longer on a single charge but they charge quickly. 15 minutes in the case gets a 70% charge. the case also charges quickly, say 15-30 mins gets a full charge Popup display on iPhone/iPad is nice but quirky in operation Sound quality is very good they aren’t sound isolating so noise around me means the sound quality is often quite poor Easy to Pocket the carry case is nice in the pocket. Other Bluetooth earbuds have a larger case. The EtherealMind View

I don’t love my AirPods but I use them when at home. I don’t use them when travelling or exercising for fear of losing an expensive item.

More often I’m using either of my Anker Bluetooth buds shown below. At those prices I can afford to lose them when I fall asleep on a plane. I’ve been using Anker bluetooth earbuds for roughly five years for the whole family (including teenagers) and can highly recommend them.

This Anker model lets you hang the buds around your neck making them hard to lose, and convenient.

The sound isolation of these is reasonable because of the soft rubber seals and blocks most of the noise around you.

Apple Airpods for a price comparison.


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