Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)  is an orchestration platform for hybrid networks. It decouples network services from specific components, while automatically configuring the network according to service specifications.

Cisco NSO Download

NSO is free to download for non-production use!

To download your trial version of Cisco NSO head over to

This will download You need to unpack this file and save the file to your home directory.

The file nso-4.7.linux.x86_64.signed.bin should reside in your home directory.

Now you need to unpack the bin file with the command

sh nso-4.7.linux.x86_64.signed.bin

Now you can run the install command

sh nso-4.7.linux.x86_64.installer.bin $HOME/nso-4.7

Next enter the command

source $HOME/nso-4.7/ncsrc

Then I ran this command

ncs-setup –dest $HOME/ncs-run

Then go into the ncs-run folder and type ncs

cisco nso installation guide ubuntu ncs start

To verify the version of Cisco NSO you are running enter the commandncs –version

cisco nso check version

Now you can connect to the GUI front end

Point your browser to

or the IP of your host if accessing from another machine. In my case I am running Ubuntu on a VM on my laptop so I enter

You should now be looking at this screen

cisco nso default password login screen

The default username & password for Cisco NSO is admin / admin

You have now successfully installed Cisco NSO on Ubuntu

In the next post I will be covering some basic network automation tasks and start getting more familiar with this product.

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