This Week In Wireless Rowell recorded a video on Wi-Fi 6 on David Bombal’s YouTube channelLong version: version: is temporarily pushed out of the Wi-Fi AllianceWi-Fi Alliance is fully complying with the recent U.S. Department of Commerce order without revoking Huawei Technologies membership. Wi-Fi Alliance has temporarily restricted Huawei Technologies participation in Wi-Fi Alliance activities covered by the order. Launches 60 Starlink Internet Satellites Into Orbit“The Starlink satellites will orbit much lower — between 210 and 710 miles above the surface. That reduces the lagginess, or latency. SpaceX has said performance should be comparable to ground-based cable and optical fiber networks that carry most internet traffic today. Starlink would provide high-speed internet to parts of the world that currently are largely cut off from the modern digital world.”CWNP new certification: Solution Administration on non-802.11 technologies (BLE, Cellular, Zigbee, wired-side technologies, location services, APIs, Project Management)First class will be in September 2019In the future, additional certifications will address key areas in greater depth, such as automation/integration, IoT, private 5G, etc.Wi-Fi ImagesInstagram @cleartosend webinarHow to Design Wi-Fi for Higher Education Conference Wi-Fi Challenges Very Dynamic environment! Very High Density of devicesThere are a lot of ad hoc requests throughout the eventROGUESVery intense, long hours, little sleep Prep Work – A lot of it! Understand the type of eventUnderstand what type of people will be attendingUnderstand which application will be used over the Wi-Fi. Any critical ones?Understand the layout of the conferenceWhere will the stages beWhere will the VIP zone beWhere will the media zone beWhere will the TV broadcaster zone beWhere will the registration zone beUnderstand the flow of peoplePrepare the LANSize it properly so it can handle the number of devices expected (2.5 devices per person)Make sure the basics are coveredDHCPDNSFirewallCore networkPoE budgetPrepare alternative plans just in case something goes wrong with the basicsWhat do I do if the internet goes down? Maybe plan for a backup internet linkWhat do I do if my DHCP server goes down?What do I do if my DNS server goes down?What do I do if run out of PoE power?Make sure that you have enough internet bandwidthPrepare the Wi-FiUnderstand the limitation of AP placementLeverage the APs installed under the ceilingUnderstand where to place temporary access points if requiredDo you have access to cables from the floorPlan to have APs ready to go and being deployed fastSize your controller properlyForget 2.4GHz, plan for 5GHz. Expect to see a lot of 802.11ac devices (and a few 802.11n devices)Stage as much equipment ahead of time as possibleOrganize the APs, name them properly and keep track of them in a documentTweak the RF on the under ceiling APs as much as you can.Configuration of the Wi-FiPublic Wi-FiKeep it as simple as possibleIf possible, no Captive PortalPrivate Wi-FiUnderstand if you need to configure QoSCreate AP groups and RF Profile to be as flexible as possibleUse all the channels you can (even DFS, 165)Place the temporary APs as close to the clients as possibleUse the people and floor element to content the signal and limit the CCI and optimize your channel re-useDo you use DCA or static?Study the use of more specific features (Probe Suppression, AirTime fairness…) During the Event MonitoringAdjust the RF settings based on where the people areRegistrationStagesBusy AreasLunch AreasHandle RequestsSetup new SSIDsAdd coverage in specific areasBattle the ROGUESMake sure people turn their ROGUE APs offFind solutions to answer their needs (using the existing infra or alternative solutions) Tools Ekahau with a sidekickAirchecksWi-Fi scanners (Explorer Pro)Screens Your favourite terminal application. My new favourite: iTerm2Your favourite network diagnosis tools. My new favourite: Mtr Ideas to help us supporting such events Can some of the configuration and monitoring be automated?Create your own monitoring dashboardsCreate your own scripts to automate some tasksCreate a simple application to process the AP tracking Links Removing Captive Portals by Kristian Roberts: Photos

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