“Canadian Bacon Beacon”

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have a another CWNE working here at Aerohive. This new employee hails from Canada and joins a growing list of Aerohive CWNEs, all of whom are named at the bottom of this post.

For those not familiar, Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE) is the top-level certification offered by the CWNP program. To become a CWNE, a WLAN professional must pass four very hard exams about 802.11 wireless networking administration, security, analysis, and design. But keep in mind, passing four tests is only the beginning. All CWNE applicants must establish many years of WLAN experience, meticulously document involvement with numerous WLAN projects and seek endorsements from respected Wi-Fi industry professionals. The CWNP Board of Advisors must approve all CWNE applications. As of today, just over 300 individuals are card-carrying CWNEs, 9 of whom work at Aerohive.

Please join me in welcoming:

Brennan Martin, CWNE #190:

Brennan grew up in Saskatchewan, Canada. When he started studying IP networks in college, Brennan thought he would spend his career worrying about his expanding midsection from sitting at a desk all day or about going hard of hearing from working in data centers, but instead quickly found himself thousands of feet below the surface of the earth in steel-toed boots and a hard hat. Saskatchewan is well known for agriculture and mining, specifically potash mining. Potash is a critical component for making fertilizer which feeds the world’s crops. Saskatchewan holds the world’s largest deposits of potash – which is mined from thousands of feet below ground. While underground, Brennan would begin to learn all about Internet of Things (IoT) networking before the term “IoT” had been coined.

Fifteen years later, Brennan can tell you all about how industrial IoT works, having spent those years designing and deploying networks to support automation and control systems in mines, mills, train facilities, warehouses and all sorts of industrial facilities; where corporate voice and data networks coexist securely with control systems over miles of fiber-optic cables and Wi-Fi frequencies.

While working as a consultant with a variety of industrial and enterprise verticals, Brennan earned the CCIE certification in routing and switching as well as certifications in data center, security, network design and wireless technologies, including the respected CWNE. Having just joined Aerohive, Brennan was drawn to the cloud innovation technologies that Aerohive has long pioneered. He is looking forward to getting closer to the development of new technologies and bringing those innovations to customers in Western Canada.

Aerohive currently has 10 CWNEs in our ranks

David Coleman – CWNE #4Senior Technical [email protected]ath

Gregor Vucajnk – CWNE #96Director of Product [email protected]

Marko Tisler – CWNE #136Senior Manager Technical Marketing and [email protected]

Brennan Martin– CWNE #190Senior Technical [email protected]

Neil McRae – CWNE #191Senior Technical [email protected]

Matthew Norwood – CWNE #218Systems Engineering [email protected]

Aren Gates – CWNE #220Technical Marketing Engineer/[email protected]

Eastman Rivai – CWNE #248Senior Technical Support [email protected]_rivai

Rob Rohde –  CWNE #58Consulting Systems Engineer

Anthony Blasse – CWNE #120Senior Systems Engineer

We encourage all dedicated WLAN professionals to work towards becoming CWNEs. Let us know when you get your CWNE number and we will teach you the secret CWNE 4-Way Handshake.


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