Why Opera is a privacy problem for me ?

Sells ads to fund itself Ownership transparency – Chinese owned VPN is nice but who gets the data Otello Corp

Otello is a holding company, listed at Oslo Stock Exchange, holding the assets of AdColony, Bemobi and Skyfire.

Link: Otello Corp –

Note that all share holders are nominees which reports suggest are acting on behalf of a Chinese consortium. It seems the real owners are not listed on the Norwegian share register.

Chinese companies are known for collecting vast amounts of data on users and its possible that Opera is used as a data collection service in some way.

Funded by Ad Revenue

A check of the Otello financial results shows the Opera development is funded by ad revenue.

I continue to hold views:

Banner ads are proven unsafe as a malware vector user tracking and programmable advertising is a serious threat to corporate security and society Ad tech companies are proven unethical and immoral and will do anything for more revenue The principle of more views/more ads/more revenue has been destructive to Internet content

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The EtherealMind View

The browser is the most vital software. It must be absolutely trustworthy and protect users from themselves. It holds the root of trust for the internet in the certificate store. It can collect comprehensive data on everything that we do on the internet, more than even existing data tracking.

I am not certain that Opera holds values that I trust. Equally, Google’s Chrome is losing trust because they now refuse to allow consumers to implement ad-blocking solutions of their own choice.

I’ve set out the issues that I have with Opera but I also have the same questions about Brave browser. It VC funding model demands huge returns for investors but a financial model is yet to appear. If Brave heads down the same path as Opera, which seems likely, it too will become a privacy threat when it sells data for money.

Today I use Apple’s Safari as my primary browser and Firefox on a regular basis.


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