Site survey kit is required to do an AP on a Stick site survey, which simulates the RF foot print at a given location, this is one of important aspects of deploying to WLAN to better understand how the RF behaves in every environment.

Idea to build a custom site survey was to make it potable and light weight so that it’s easy to move around with it at the customer site plus any of the engineer or technician can travel with it and when flying and no need to ship it separate, which is convenient and cost saving.

Hardware Parts List Wooden Shelf WiFi Stand (to mount AP) Wheels (2 Inch) PVC Pipe (2 inch) and Bell trap drain Paint Pole/Window cleaning Pole Paint pole to ¼ -20 adapter –Custom made Battery Power Injector

Making the Kit

Cut wooden Shelf to 2 feet by 4 Feet

Need to Drill hole to attach 4 Wheels (2inch – 360 revolving) to make it mobile

Use 1 inch Nuts to attach the wheels at the base

PVC Pipe will be needed to hold the Paint Pole – I used a 2 inch think pipe with a Bell trap drain base which was drilled to attach it to the wooden shelf

Use Fly nuts to fix the PVC pipe on Base so that it can be installed and uninstalled with ease.


¼-20 to Paint pole adaptor (custom) – you can buy this from Wifi stad guys as well I needed some thing quick and getting it would have taken a week for me.

 Got a PVC cap which is 1 ½ inch in length drilled a hole and attached a ¼ 1 inch screw

And a small screw to secure the paint pole.


Put some electrical tape on the paint pole threads for grip. This adaptor sits on the paint pole very nicely and can be secured using the screw


Now the Wifi Stand sits on this perfectly

Any AP can be mounted on the Wifi stand as it has a T-Bar and all AP manufactures have a bracket to mount AP’s to T-Bars.

To Power the AP we use a Lithium Battery with Cigarette lighter connector and a Power injector

Site Survey Kit in action


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